If something doesn't work, just don't panic unnecessarily, be considerate and find a few seconds to make sure everything's okay. Also, don't be afraid to call us if you get into trouble or don't know what to do. These are the most common situations you and BeRider deal with. They can arise from inattention or ignorance - and perhaps not even yours, but the user in front of you. Let's prevent them together.

1. I see a scooter on the street, but it's not in the app

On the map in the BeRider app, you can see those scooters that are ready for hire (or booking). If you see a scooter on the street but do not see it in the app, it means that this scooter is not currently available and cannot be borrowed - it is booked or "paused" while being driven by another user. But it can also be a dead scooter waiting for a battery to be replaced, or a scooter with a fault, reported via an app waiting for towing and servicing.

2. Eco mode: What's it for and why is it going so slow?

Eco mode of electric vehicles means less power and lower speed, but longer range. It can be manually activated to ensure a longer range, or it can be activated automatically when the battery is low (but sometimes also when the engine is overloaded, in the hills or with heavier "loads"). Under the eco mode, the scooter will travel more slowly - a maximum of 40 km/h and uphill even less. Try to avoid sections with higher speed limits and possibly make room for faster traffic participants.

3. Just drive around the city and keep an eye on the battery

Remember that BeRider scooters are designed for shorter rides around the city - so far from the BeRider zone that you can always safely return to it and hand over your scooter according to the rules (with at least one "line" of battery). While driving, keep an eye on the battery status, choose the most charged scooters for longer rides and remember that The BeRider is not for a trip to Karlštejn or Slapy. There are beautiful places for a little trip in the city too - check out our tips for Prague prospects.

BeRider: Things you should know
Checking before and after driving will save you a lot of complications

4. First and foremost scooter check

Before each ride, it is necessary to check the condition of the scooter, but also its trunk - even if you are not transporting anything in the boot while driving. Report any scooter failure or damage or pollution to the trunk immediately via the app or by calling (+420) 720 627 505. We'd be happy to advise you on what to do next. By checking you will help yourself (the foreign fault will then not be "up to you") and other users and enjoy a quiet ride.

5. Scooter return: Do not leave without confirmation

When returning a scooter, you need to click the "quit" button in the app and then wait in place for the application's response that the termination has gone well. It only takes a few seconds, which will give you peace of mind, that your ride is over and someone else can't ride you, for example, or that your penalty won't kick in.

6. Parking by the rules and with respect

BeRider scooters are not allowed to park on the pavement (which is valid for all other bikes, although you may have heard all sorts of wise and contrary claims - including experienced bikers). In addition, it is not allowed in the underground garages and must always be parked in the BeRider zone. If you're not sure, check out this article about the right parking rules, which you can't make a mistake with.

7. Parked scooter: Safely on the stand

If we leave or stop riding for a while, the scooter should always stand safely and firmly on the stand, which can be verified mechanically thanks to the sensor as well as reports in the app. Occasionally, the app will report that the scooter is not on the stand. Try taking it off the stand and try to put on stand again or try parking it a little further away - the cause may be inequality of the road, which the system assesses as an unstable position.

You'd love to ride with us, but do you need advice? Or are you already driving, but not sure if you're doing everything right? We have prepared a detailed list of frequently asked questions about BeRider for you, to which you are sure to find the answer. And if you don't, call us and we'll be happy to advise you personally!

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