After four years, the BeRider will say goodbye. Despite its great popularity and the increasing number of rides each year, the model is not sustainable in its current size. We always knew we needed to keep expanding the service - more scooters and in more cities. That's why we have been looking for an external partner. However, negotiations were not successful, so we had to make this decision. Services like BeRider are not a core business for Škoda Auto DigiLab, and it will now focus on other key projects related to mobility and digital services for cars.

Nevertheless, we believe that the memories of BeRider will be mainly positive. You have ridden our scooters for over 4,200,000 km and thus helped to save around 512 tonnes of CO2. During the pandemic, we helped medical professionals and all of you with safe individual mobility. We worked with the city council and the municipalities to create conditions for shared mobility, including the use of "parking shadows" that would have remained unused. Hundreds of you have ridden in our scooter school, and we hope that we have contributed in our own small way to the popularization of shared mobility, scooters for the city, and electric mobility.

What's next?

Until the end of May, we stay in the streets and keep the same high standard of service as always. But by the first of June, the service will be terminated, and the scooters will start disappearing from the streets.  

Customer support will continue in June, and we will start refunding unused credit to users. No action will be required from you. We will, of course, refund money for scooter school vouchers and credit vouchers as well.

As of today, new packages can no longer be purchased, with the exception of the daily package. If you no longer have credit, you can continue to ride on a pay-as-you-go basis, which means that the payment for your ride is charged to your card at the end of each ride. If you still have credits, we recommend that you use them as much as possible.  

Any further questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact our customer support which will remain active in June as well. You can also check out the questions and answers below.

Let us also take this opportunity to thank you for sharing this amazing journey with us. We hope we have made your commuting in Prague more convenient and more fun. We appreciate your feedback, your reviews and all the photos, videos and experiences you’ve shared with us.  It’s been great. Thank you. 💚  

Now, let’s have a ride and enjoy these last few weeks with BeRider.


What will happen with the scooters?

We are negotiating the sale of the fleet to another company or companies that could operate them.  

Can I buy one?

We are not currently planning to sell scooters to individuals.

I have unused credits; what can I do?

We will refund the credits to the users during June.

How much money will you refund?

We will refund the paid portion of the remaining credit. The bonus credit you received with your free package will not be refunded.

For example, if you bought a package for 1,100 CZK, you received a bonus credit of 400 CZK, and therefore your credit of 1,500 CZK is shown in the app. If you didn't use the package at all, you will be refunded the original 1100 CZK you paid. If you have used half of the package and the remaining credit of CZK 750 is lit in the app, then you will get back a pro-rata part of the amount you paid, i.e. CZK 550 (half of CZK 1100). The bonus credit we gave for free packages is not claimable.

I bought a voucher for a scooter school or credit vouchers from the eshop. What should I do with it?

Customer support will contact you, and we will refund you for the vouchers.

I want to delete my account now. What should I do?

Contact our customer support, and we will delete it. However, by that you are giving up your claim for unused credit. Therefore, we recommend waiting for the service termination and then getting your credit refunded.

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