During May, bonus zones will start appearing at various locations in Prague. Just park in them and the bonus is yours. We'll add the indicated amount to your credit, which you'll see in the app on the Packages tab. The only rule is that your drive to the bonus zone should take at least 5 minutes and be at least 1 km long. We will be expanding the bonus zones in the coming months. In the meantime, check out the list of places where you can find bonus zones these days, in May 2022.

BeRider zone in Karlin near Lokal

In Karlin near Lokal

A zone for those traveling to Karlin Square, to any of the nearby pubs or modern offices. Park here to get an extra bonus.

BeRider bonus zone in Šternberkova street

Šternberkova Zone

Find the parking spot reserved for scooters at the Janovskeho and Sternberkova crossing, park here and get extra credit.

BeRider bonus zone in Hermanova street

National Gallery zone

Fancy some art? Find the parking spot reserved for scooters in Hermanova street.

BeRider bonus zone close to Naplavka

Dancing House

Ideal place for those heading to Prague’s famous Naplavka, this zone includes Jirásek Square and nearby streets (Naplavni, Zahoranskeho). Please park respectfully.

BeRider bonus zone in Vinohrady

Vinohrady Zone

Includes parts of Manesova and Budecska streets, close to the Vinohrady Pavilion. Park ideally at the edges of the blues zones to ensure there is enough parking space for the residents.

Bonus zone in front of Panorama Hotel Prague

Panorama Hotel Prague

Drive past the gate and park right in front of the hotel at BeRider dedicated parking spots. Look for the BeRider signs!

We will be adding more zones as we go along, so keep an eye on our social media and blog.

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