In general, we can say that BeRider scooters are not allowed on the motorway and on the road for motor vehicles outside the city. However, it’s more complicated on the section of highway or motor vehicle road that runs through town. The Act on Road Traffic and Amendments to Certain Acts (Act No. 361/2000 Coll.) states in Section 35, that the only operation of motor vehicles and combinations of vehicles whose maximum permissible speed is not less than 80 km/h is permitted on the motorway. The operation of motor vehicles and combinations of vehicles for public transport whose maximum permissible speed is not less than 65 km/h is also permitted on the section of the motorway passing through the municipality. Outside the motorway service facilities, other road users are prohibited from entering, walking, or driving on the motorway.

The same applies to motor vehicle roads. BeRider scooters have a top speed of 70 km/h on their technical certificate. We believe that the quoted law can be interpreted in favour of scooters, i.e. that a motor vehicle in the second sentence means any motor vehicle (including a scooter), however, according to the interpretation of the Prague City Council, the exception applies only to public transport vehicles and scooters cannot enter these roads. Therefore, we do not recommend entering these roads.

The following roads in Prague are roads for motor vehicles:

  • City ring road in the section Rybnicky - Krc - Branik - Smichov - Brevnov - Troja (including the Jizni spojka and Blanka tunnel)
  • Sporilovska spojka in the section Chodovska - Chodov
  • Radlicka radiala in the section Bucharova - Trebonice
  • Sterboholska spojka in the Rybnicky section (part of the city ring road)
  • Chodovska radiala in the section Pankrac - Chodov
  • Prosecka radiala in the section Zenklova - Brezineves
  • Vysocanska radiala in the section Kbelska - Satalice

Apart from the fact that police officers can penalize you on these roads, the speed and traffic density in these places is high and not suitable for electric scooters with a realistic operating speed of up to 66 km/h. Enjoy our scooters instead on the streets of Prague, where they are in their element. And remember that the scooter must always be parked in the BeRider zone.

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