Until now, reservations have only been free, but only for 10 minutes. If you were delayed and didn't make it to your scooter, someone could have taken your scooter. At the same time, it used to happen that another user with multiple reservations would block the scooter for a longer period of time, and then no one else could rent it. That's why we are introducing a new model.

The user will still be able to book the scooter for free for the first 10 minutes. This will not change. The change only occurs after the 10th minute. If the user does not get on the scooter and leave by this time, the booking will not be automatically canceled, but will switch to paid mode and a reservation fee will be charged. The reservation fee is 2 CZK per minute.

When the user then starts riding the scooter, the reservation fee will be added to the final receipt for the ride. The maximum duration of a paid reservation is 60 minutes. With the first 10 minutes free, this means that you can book the scooter for up to 70 minutes in total.

BeRider: Extended reservation

Before the start of a paid reservation, around the 8th minute, you will receive a notification that a paid reservation is coming up. Therefore, we recommend that you turn on push notifications in your phone settings (in the app, go to your profile, settings and click on notifications).

BeRider: Notifications

And what about cancellations?

  • If a user cancels, for example, 4 minutes before the free booking expires and then re-books the same scooter, they will only have 4 minutes of free booking left
  • If a user cancels after the paid reservation has already started and then starts the booking again on the same scooter, they will pay the reservation fee straight away
  • If the user cancels the booking and then starts the booking on a different scooter, he/she will have 10 minutes of free booking on that scooter again
  • This policy is canceled after 2 hours or after the ride is completed. And they only apply to one scooter at a time. If you book another scooter, the whole process starts from the beginning.

We believe you will appreciate the new features. With this model there will be more scooters available. It won't happen that a scooter is unnecessarily blocked by a reservation, unless someone is really planning to ride it.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service line at +420 720 627 505 or info@be-rider.com.


What if I book a scooter, it switches to a paid booking, but then I don't rent the scooter?

It may happen that you book a scooter, after 10 minutes it switches to paid mode, but you end up canceling the booking. In this case, you will only be invoiced for the reservation fee after cancellation. You can find the receipt in the "Rides" section.

How does it work if I book a scooter, end up canceling the booking but then change my mind and want to book again?

If you’ve canceled your booking while it was still free, the remaining free minutes will still be available the next time you book the same scooter within 2 hours. For example, if you canceled your first booking after 6 minutes, the next booking for the same scooter will only be free for 4 minutes and then it will switch to paid mode.

If you have already canceled your booking in paid mode and you want to book the same scooter again, the booking will continue in the paid mode.

But of course, both of these only apply if you book the scooter a second time within two hours of making the first booking. If it's more than that, or if you manage to make a ride in between, you get 10 minutes free again.

What happens when a paid reservation expires?

The paid booking period is 60 minutes. If the user does not start the ride or cancel the reservation, the reservation will reach its limit and will be automatically canceled.

Why do we do this?

It will improve scooter availability, users will not repeatedly book scooters without making a ride. Users will also be able to book a scooter for a longer period of time, which has been a frequently requested improvement.

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