Where and how to park?

A scooter is a vehicle which is allowed to park in the same places as cars. The advantage against a car is that a scooter can also park perpendicularly in longitudinal parking spaces and as a result take up much less space.

All single-track vehicles (scooter amongst them) are allowed to park on resident (blue), mixed (purple) and visitor (orange) zones completely free of charge. That is why you don't have to worry about parking fees at all.  

Before you start riding a BeRider, make sure the place you´re going to is inside of the BeRider zone - you can see the zone in your app. If the place is outside of the zone, don´t worry, once you get there, you can switch the ride into “pause”. While in pause, you are only charged one fifth worth of one minute riding. But remember - after that, you always need to go back into the zone and finish your ride there!  

We reviewed the places where you can and should park. In addition, below are couple of simple reminders on how to park properly:

  • At the end of the parking zone, if possible. Like that, you will leave enough space for local residents that rely on parking spaces around their homes.  
  • Park with the tail box towards the sidewalk. That way, it is left easily accessible for other users and it reduces the risk of getting injured.
  • Leave 50cm from all sides of the scooter. If you park the scooter between 2 cars, always make sure that there is at least half a metre of space around it from each side.

What to avoid

If a car can't park there, a scooter can't park there either! That means that you definitely shouldn't park a scooter on a sidewalk, on a lawn or on a yellow line.  

Furthermore, with BeRider, it is not allowed to park on private properties and private parking spots or garages. That is so that other users or our colleagues who replace dead batteries can get to the scooter problem-free.

It is also forbidden to leave a road - that means that you can't park on a lawn, in a park or in a protected landscape area.

Why do we see so many motorcycles and scooters parked on the sidewalk?

The law allows a motorcycle with a capacity up to 50cc to be pushed on the sidewalk. But that doesn't mean that it is allowed to park there. Don't risk getting a fine and park only in dedicated parking spaces.

Let's be responsible BeRiders and park considerately and according to the rules.  

If you walk past a badly parked scooter, we will definitely appreciate your help - you can simply move the scooter so that it's parked better or text/call us and our colleagues will take care of it when they replace the batteries.

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