In short:

  • We are preparing a new price list where you will buy credits instead of minutes
  • We'll convert your current free minutes to credits of an equal value.
  • The price list also includes new pause prices.
  • Free booking time will now be 10 minutes.

You were able to ride a BeRider for the first time at the end of summer of 2019. Since then, we have been constantly working to improve our technological solutions and implement the changes that you have asked for. Now we want to make a big leap forward that we want to prepare you for.

As early as November 22, the entire service will move to a new platform, which will be more reliable and will allow us to offer new features. We believe that the unpleasant service outages we have faced in recent months will be a thing of the past. The biggest change for users will be the new pricing scheme. Newly, you will not buy free minutes with the packages, but credit in CZK. With it you will receive an additional bonus credit from us. With bigger prepaid package comes bigger bonus and therefor cheaper ride. The price of a ride minute will be fixed: at 5 CZK per minute, the same as it is now. But with the prepaid packages you’ll be able to ride cheaper.

How does it work?

For example, with the cheapest package for 90 CZK, you will receive a bonus credit of 10 CZK from us. In total, you will have a credit worth 100 CZK, which will enable you to ride 20 minutes (100 CZK at a price of CZK 5 per minute = 20 minutes), but only pay 90 CZK. Therefor the price of the ride will correspond to CZK 4.5 per minute (CZK 90/25 min = CZK 4.5 per min), which is the same price as now.

With a bigger prepaid package, of course, the bonus credit grows. You will receive a bonus of 200 credits for the package for 800 CZK, which corresponds to a 25% bonus. For the highest package, for 1,100 CZK, the bonus is 400 CZK, meaning 36% bonus. That means you will get a credit worth CZK 1,500 for the price of only CZK 1,100.

The standard pay-as-you-go price remains at CZK 5 per minute. For a package for CZK 90, the price per minute corresponds to the existing CZK 4.5 per minute. However, for higher packages, we had to make a slight increase in prices. We have tried to keep the current prices for as long as possible, but we are also affected by rising energy prices and other costs. For a package for CZK 440, the price corresponds to 4.40 CZK per minute, for a package for 800 CZK, the price corresponds to 4 CZK per minute, and for the most favourable package for 1,100 CZK, the price is an equivalent of 3.67 CZK.

New BeRider pricing

Why the change?

After the introduction of these changes, we will be able to bring several improvements and new features that you have asked for. These are:

1. Bonus zones - after parking in these zones you will receive a reward. It will help us to provide our users with scooters where there is a higher demand for them

2. Dynamic price list - allows us to quickly and easily adjust prices per minute, for example to provide discounts according to how busy the service is during the day

3. Payment for a longer reservation - you often ask if it is possible to have a longer reservation, even if it would be paid. The answer is yes, soon it will be possible and part of the reservation will be free and the rest will be charged

4. Dual profile - this function will allow users to switch between personal and work accounts. This will make life much easier for those who use BeRider for business trips

You will be able to look forward to all these news from the new season.

Do you have a question about the news? See the FAQ below. Or email us at  


Why do I no longer see minutes in my profile, but CZK?

With the new price list, you will no longer buy free minutes, but instead you will prepay your credit in CZK. It will consist of a paid part and a bonus part, which you will receive from us. The bigger the package you buy, the bigger the bonus part - from 11% up to 36%!

What happens to the free minutes I bought before?

Your minutes will remain in your profile, we will only convert them into credits of the equal value (at the rate of 1 minute = 5 CZK). For example, if you have 25 minutes left, we will multiply them by five. This means that instead of 25 minutes, the profile will show you 125 CZK. Credit expiration is 1 year, so the credit will expire on November 22, 2022.

What about the free 15 minutes for inviting a friend?

The referral code stays, but instead of minutes it will now be in credits. If you friend accepts the invitation and makes a first ride, you’ll get a bonus credit. The promo codes are also affected by the change, so instead of 15 minutes, you will receive their equivalent: 75 CZK.

How much will 1 minute cost now?

The cost of 1 minute remains as before: 5 CZK. However, with the prepaid packages you can make it cheaper. The bigger the package you buy, the bigger the bonus and thus the discount on rides. Just to give you an idea: the price of the minute for the packages is now 4.5 CZK, 4.4 CZK, 4 CZK and 3.67 CZK.

Will there be any changes regarding pauses?

A pause will now costs 2 CZK per minute for everyone. If you go for the prepaid packages again, the price of the pause will correspond to approximately 1.9 CZK, 1.76 CZK, 1.6 CZK and 1.47 CZK per minute, based on the selected package.

Will there be any change in reservations?

The reservation is now shortened to 10 minutes. However, you can book a scooter twice in a row. We made this change because the length of the break was being abused and many scooters were not available to others for long periods of time. In the future, we are planning the possibility of longer reservations with a small booking fee.

Do new packages expire?

Yes, packages will expire in 1 year from the date of purchase. You'll see the purchase date and expiration date in your profile.  

The complete new General Terms and Conditions, which will apply from 22 November 2021, can be found here, together with the price list:

GTC and price list

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