Unfortunately, due to the ever-increasing energy prices that power the BeRider, we have to widen the price range even further. So starting in July, you may see a higher price per minute than before.

Now for the good news. Thanks to the new pricing, we've improved scooter availability by up to 30%, meaning that when you really need a scooter, the chances of it being ready around the corner are much higher. We're also introducing a new package and higher bonuses for signing up, referrals and for parking in bonus zones.

New package for the most frequent riders

A new package with the biggest bonus yet is now available for purchase in the app. When you buy this package from us, you get a 51% credit bonus: you pay 990 CZK and we give you 510 CZK on top of it. In practice, this means that even though the price per minute will be 6 CZK, you will actually be riding for 3.96 CZK/min. The only limitation is its expiry date, which is set at 31 days. The other packages have an expiry of 1 year. The credit will be always deducted from the package with the closest expiry date.

You will always see the current price per minute in the app before you ride.
As soon as you book the scooter, the price is already fixed.

We are increasing the reward in bonus zones

We are also increasing the reward for parking in bonus zones! You'll get 10 Kč for your next ride for parking in one of these locations:

📍 at the corner of Heřmanova and Dukelských Hrdinů streets

📍 in Karlín near Lokal

📍 at the intersection of Janovského and Šternberkova

📍 at the Dancing House

📍 near the Vinohrady market, part of Mánesova and Budečská streets

📍 parking lot at Panorama Hotel Prague

The only rule is that your drive to the bonus zone should take at least 5 minutes and 1 km. Bonus zones may change over time, but you will always see the current ones directly in the app. 👍

100 CZK bonus for inviting us to BeRider

We're increasing the reward for inviting a friend via your reference code, which you can find by clicking "Invite your friends" in the app in your profile, next to the gift icon. How does it work? Just send your code to your friends. For every new user who registers through your referral code and takes a ride for the first time, you'll get 100 CZK of credit straight to your account.

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