How do I recognise parking for single-track vehicles?

Parking spaces for single-track vehicles are areas on the side of the road but outside pay-as-you-go zones, marked with a "P" and a pictogram of a motorcycle and bicycle. It can be parked on these for free - the capacity of one stand is usually equivalent to four to six scooters, but users of other single-track vehicles - like mopeds, scooters or bicycles - can also use it.

Parking spaces are created also thanks to you, BeRiders

Councils selected dedicated seats for single-track vehicles based on data from BeRider, which evaluates the busiest transport hubs. That's how you help pinpoint places. Dedicated parking spaces for single-track vehicles are mostly created on so-called traffic shadows, where the car would no longer fit or obstruct the view and therefore parking spaces are not cancelled because of them.

Parking spaces for single-track vehicles can be found in Prague 6 and 7

Solutions for cars and pedestrians too

Parking spaces for bikes and scooters at strategic locations will help free up car parking spaces, but they will also help to prevent bikers from parking illegally on pavements where they can obstruct pedestrians and car drivers alike when getting on. At the same time, with this move, councils are contributing to the development and better integration of urban micromobility, which makes moving around the city very efficient.

Tip: Find out where single-track car parks are located on your usual routes. On this map, you can see where you can find them in Prague 7, where there are 11 so far. But other parking spaces are also being created in Prague 3, 6 and 8, where a total of 20 places in the Karlín and Libeň areas are being prepared so far.

Why use parking areas for motorcycles...

...when a motorbike or scooter can be parked everywhere for free? Primarily for mutual consideration and also for the safety of their own machine. The parking zones for single-track vehicles are in places where the car can't park - we don't take away its parking space, and at the same time we're confident that our (or borrowed) parking manoeuvres won't overlook, and perhaps won't dent or collide.

Tip:  A dedicated parking space does not mean you can "drop off" your scooter as much as you like here - the rules of considerate parking apply here. Make sure there is plenty of room for others. And that's true whether you're coming on a BeRider or a shared bike.

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