What does it mean? Our standard price of 5 CZK per minute remains the same, but during Happy Hours it might drop to 4 CZK and during high demand it will increase to 6 CZK per minute. 

Btw, did you know our basic price of 5 CZK per minute has remained the same since we launched the service in 2019?


Unfortunately, even we are forced to react to increasing inflation and extreme hikes in energy prices, but we wanted to avoid flat price increase. We're confident that you’ll understand our reasons. 

It’s also important to note that you’ll always see the current price in the app and that once you reserve your scooter, the price per minute will not change.

These changes will also include our packages with extra credits. For example, when you buy the 1100 CZK package with 400 CZK worth of extra credit (36 %), you ride for 3,67 CZK per minute instead of 5 CZK. But during Happy Hours the price per minute is even lower, at 2,93 CZK per minute (package with 1500 CZK of credits at 4 CZK per minute includes up to 375 ride minutes. So at a price of 1100 CZK those 375 minutes are equivalent to 2,93 CZK per minute).

As a result, you can ride for even less than today. Additionally, we’re also introducing bonus zones. If you park in these selected locations, you’ll get extra credit for free! We hope you’ll accept these changes, understand our reasons and you’ll enjoy riding with us this season too!

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