For beginners, we have prepared a scooter school in the form of a series of videos you can watch here on our website. There you will learn how the scooter works and how to operate it. The next step is to go practice in (an empty) parking lot or low traffic. We have several secret tips for you on suitable places in Prague where it‘s possible to practice driving.

Carparks: U-turns and figure eights

Large empty carparks are perfect for practicing not only moving off and braking, but also for U-turns and figure eights at different speeds. If you're a complete beginner, you may feel more confident in an empty carpark.  Although there are not many of those in Prague, we have selected a few for you: 

Carpark Džbán

Right in front of Prague Camping Džbán you will find a large parking area with a relatively high-quality surface. Usually, there are only a few cars parked here (even in the summer months), sometimes even none. The area is also used by driving schools. There are no obstacles and you can see far and wide if a car is coming. In addition, there is enough space to try turns, figure eights, or even slalom.

Carpark at Hvězda hall of residence

You can reach the Hvězda carpark via Zvoníčkova and Na Větrníku streets. Although the surface here is a little poor, almost nobody parks. It's perfect for making yourself familiar with the scooter and practicing moving off braking and U-turns. Streets in the area of the other university halls of residence are also suitable either at Hvězda or perhaps in Strahov or Jižní Město (southern city) - there is usually low traffic, especially during the summer holidays.

Carpark at Eden

The unguarded parking lot behind the Slavia football stadium is mostly empty - just avoid arriving during a football match. It is relatively large, with a decent surface, and you can drive from there to the area around the stadium.


Locations with low traffic: Practicing the ride in a traffic environment

If you would like to have a dry run and test the reactions of the scooter before you hop into high traffic, it is better to set out somewhere in the city center with low traffic. University halls of residence or residential districts where only locals drive are always a great choice. We have a few tips for you:

Polygrafická street

The less frequented Polygrafická Street, a short distance from the Depo Hostivař (and not far from the end of the BeRider zone in Černokostelecká Street, (check jestli je tam pořád ještě ta zona), passes by the industrial area. That's also why you won’t find a large number of cars and almost no one parks here. It’s perfect for practicing moving offs, braking, and also U-turns at the end of the street.

Na Zátorce street and the surroundings

In this area you will find mainly embassies - thanks to this, the traffic here is minimal. At the same time, you will be going downhill, and uphill, and you have to be aware of yielding the right-of-way and other traffic regulations. An ideal place to get some practice in traffic.

Na Valech street

In Prague 6, in front of the Ministry of Defense, you can find Na Valech Street, where there is almost no traffic. It is a cul-de-sac where people mostly come just to park their vehicles. At the same time, it is wide enough and has a high-quality surface, which is ideal for practicing.

Na Balkáně street and the surroundings

Žižkov Street Na Balkaně is located in the middle of a residential district. Since only residents move around this area, there is minimal traffic and also only a few car parks here. The street is long and in the vicinity, it is possible to circle around other less frequented streets.

Dormitory town Solidarita

The dormitory town Solidarita in Strašnice, with its straight, rectangular streets, is ideal for driving in traffic. Here you have to give yield right of way and follow the road signs, but at the same time there is very little traffic and the streets are clear.

Our tips for a practice ride: Who is ready is not surprised

• Get on a BeRider for the first time with a friend - ideally someone who has been riding for a long time and can give you a piece of advice, but also support you, encourage you, and praise you. Riding in a couple is always more fun. Maybe you'll find that you're doing great and go straight for a ride in the city center!

• Even if it will be warm, take long pants, a sturdy jacket and also some firm shoes. It also has a psychological impact - the fear of falling and the idea of a scraped leg can instantly lead to panic and an inappropriate maneuver. Firm shoes will hold you up when stopping.

• If you want to test your driving skills in light traffic, hit the streets on Saturday morning around seven o‘clock. Almost nobody drives through the center of Prague at this time. In this way, you will practice driving in a real city environment, but without fear of too many cars driving around you.

• Driving at night can be uncomfortable for beginners at first. Practice it during summer nights when there is minimal traffic. In the autumn early evenings, you will appreciate this for sure

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