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Getting started

How old do I have to be to rent BeRider scooters?

You must be at least 18 years old.

What driving license do I need to ride?

You must have a valid driving license for motor vehicles, one of the following groups A1, A2, A or B. That means if you can drive a car, you can ride with us!

What documents and information do I need to provide during registration?

During the registration you'll be asked to upload photos of your ID card (or passport) and driving license, selfie with once of this documents. Additionally you will need to add your payment card and we will ask you for your contact details, such as home address, e-mail address and phone number.

How long does registration take?

Registration takes only a couple minutes. Once you're registered we'll verify your profile, which should ideally take around 10 minutes. However in case we are too busy, we may need up to 24 hours. If you're in a hurry, don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support at (+420) 720 627 505.

Do I need previous experience with riding a scooter?

No, riding our scooter is easy. Even during your first ride, you'll find riding the scooter user friendly and enjoyable. You will get the hang of riding in no time, with the help of our user sticker guide on the scooters. Have a look at our "First ride" section to get some useful riding tips.

What are the technical parameters of the scooter?

Motor: Electric
Power: 3kW
Maximal speed: 66km/h
Range: 70km
Weight with battery: 93kg
Max. load: 150kg
Seats: 2
Helmets: 2 (M and L)
Phone holder: with USB conector
Wheels: 16”
Breaks: CBS (Combined break system)

Renting a scooter

Do I pay for the time it takes to put on a helmet?

No! The first minute of every ride is free, so you have time to securely put on your helmet and adjust the mirrors. If it’s your first time, use the minute to familiarize yourself with the controls of the scooter, like where the brakes, accelerator or turn indicators are located.

How can I book and rent a scooter?

Once you receive the verification e-mail, you can book a scooter during service hours by following these steps:

  • Login to the app and find the nearest scooter
  • Hit RESERVE and you will have 10 minutes free of charge to reach the scooter
  • Press START to unlock the scooter once you are standing next to it

What should I do before each ride?

Firstly, make sure you have your driver's license with you and do the following:

  • Check the scooter for any damages that are not reported in the app
  • Open the tail-box and check that it contains two helmets
  • Choose a helmet that fits you best (M / L)

If there is a non-reported damage or if a helmet is missing, please report it through our app or call us at (+420) 720 627 505 before starting your ride.

How do I start the trip?

To start trip, please follow these steps in this order:

  • RESERVE (10 min to reach) in the app
  • Unlock the scooter by pressing START in the app
  • Get the helmet from the tail-box
  • Get the scooter off the stand
  • Ensure the red button is on
  • Press right brake lever
  • You are ready to go

How do I get the scooter OFF the stand?

Sit on the scooter with both feet firmly on the ground and both hands on the handle bars. Push the scooter forwards slightly to get it off the stand. Be careful not to loose your balance, the scooter is heavy.

Riding a scooter

I have never driven a scooter before? Is it simple?

Yes, it is! Take a look at our "First ride" section to see how to ride and control our scooter

Do I have to wear a helmet? Where can I find one?

Yes, you are obligated to wear a helmet. There are two helmets in the cargo box in two different sizes (M / L). Choose the one that fits you best.

Where can I ride the scooter?

In the application you will see a blue line that indicates our service area where you can park the scooter. We call it the Service Area. During your ride, you can leave the service area, but you will have to end your ride inside it. The scooter is a motor vehicle just like a car, so the same rules apply.

Where can I not ride the scooter?

You are not allowed to ride on pedestrian walkways or bicycle paths. The scooter is a motor vehicle just like a car, so the same rules apply.

What do I need to carry with me during my ride?

You must have your driver's license with you while riding the scooter. We also recommend you to have your mobile phone sufficiently charged.

Can I ride with another passenger on the scooter?

Sure thing! All of our scooters can carry two people and there are also two helmets provided in the trunk. Maximum load capacity of the scooter is 150kg.

Can someone else drive the scooter while I am renting it?

No, you are the only person authorized to drive it, even if the other person is a BeRider user. In case of an accident, the insurance will only be valid if you are the driver.

Can I charge my phone during the ride?

Yes, all scooters have a phone holder and a USB plug. Just bring your USB cable that fits your mobile phone.

Can I park the scooter temporarily and use it later (pause the ride)?

Yes, you can pause your ride even if you’re outside the BeRider zone, by pressing the Pause button. When your ride is paused, it will cost you only 2 CZK/min. When your ride is paused, no one else will be able to rent the scooter.

I cannot unlock the trunk, what should I do?

If you have reserved the scooter through the app and you can't unlock it, check that the license plate number corresponds with the one you reserved. You will be able to use the scooter only if you have reserved it in the app and you are within the reservation time (10 minutes). If you see the scooter on the street, not in the app, it might have been reserved by another user or it's battery is low.

I cannot start the scooter, what should I do?

If you have already unlocked the scooter, but you cannot start it, ensure that you are following these steps:

  • Get the scooter off the stand
  • Ensure the red sliding button is in ON position (to the left)
  • Shortly press the right brake lever
  • You should be ready to go now

If none of these steps helped, please call us on: (+420) 720 627 505

How long does the battery last? How do I know the remaining battery level?

A fully charged battery can give you up to a 70 km range. You can see the current battery level in the app before the ride and on the screen of the scooter during your ride. Be careful though, the range might drop faster depending on riding conditions (weather, heavier rider, uphill terrain). Always make sure to return the scooter with at least 1 bar on the battery indicator, to avoid a fine.

Do I have to charge the scooter?

No, don't worry about charging. We take care of that for you.

What happens if my mobile phone runs out of battery?

Our scooters are equipped with a USB plug, which allows you to charge your phone while riding if you have the cable with you. If you run out of battery during the use of the service, try to contact BeRider Customer Service at (+420) 720 627 505. Otherwise the scooter will automatically stop 10 minutes after you put it on its stand. To avoid anyone else taking the scooter during your session, we recommend you to wait until the scooter is automatically switched off and locked.

What are the traffic regulations in my city?

During the use of the service, you have to comply with the Road Traffic Act and the municipal ordinances of Prague.

Parking & finishing the ride

Where am I allowed to park the scooter?

Never on sidewalks!

You can park in designated parking spaces. You should park on the beginning or end of the zone and perpendicularly to the sidewalk. Make sure you leave space for others. Every time you park, make sure you are not blocking other vehicles. If you would like to park in the Prague city center, you can use blue/orange/purple zones for free. Do not park on a sidewalk or a pedestrian area or places that are not designed for parking (i.e. grass etc.). You can find more tips on how to park in our "First ride" section.

Where not to park?

Please do not park in car parks with a parking disc (identified by an hourglass icon). Furthermore, do not park our scooters on grass, sidewalks, pedestrian zones, private parking lots or property and please avoid underground garages. In case of violation, you risk a fine not only from BeRider, but also from the police.

Can I park in an underground parking?

No, you are not allowed to park scooter indoors. Avoid underground garages, parking houses and any other covered areas. Use the advantage of free street parking.

How do I finish the ride?

To finish ride, please follow these steps in this order:

  • Check you are inside our service zone
  • Raise the scooter on stand
  • Store helmets back in the tail-box
  • Take a photo showing that the scooter is parked correctly
  • Finish the ride in the app

How do I get the scooter ON the stand?

Stand to the left side of the scooter. Hold the handle bars with your left hand and the handrail under the seat with your right. Step on the stand with your right foot while applying weight, pull the scooter backwards to get it on the stand.

I cannot return the scooter. What should I do?

First of all, make sure you are located inside our service area. Then check if you followed all steps for returning (stand, helmets in the trunk, closed trunk, take a photo showing that the scooter is parked correctly). Furthermore the scooter should get enough GPS and GSM signal. So, if you are in an area with potentially low signal (under the trees, close to tall buildings, etc.), try to move the scooter to an open area. If all else fails, please contact our customer support on: (+420) 720 627 505

What happens if I park the scooter incorrectly and the scooter is fined?

You are obliged to follow traffic rules. You are responsible for any fines acquired during your rental period or caused by wrong parking after your rental.

Pricing & invoices

What affects the current price of the service?

The current price of the ride depends on several factors, but mainly on the demand for scooters. In times of nice weather and high demand (usually in the afternoon) the price of the ride may be a bit higher, in times of bad weather or lower demand (usually early in the morning or later in the evening), the basic price is reduced to 4 CZK / min. Prices can change several times per hour.

How often does the price changes?

The price per minute can change based on the demand and weather several times per hour. However, once you reserve your scooter, the price remains the same, so you don't have to worry about an unexpected price change.

How do I get free minutes?

Everyone has a unique referral code which can be found in the profile section of the BeRider mobile app under Invite your friends link. You can share this code with your friends. Friends have to insert it into the first step of the registration. When they finish the first ride you will receive free credit worth 100 CZK, valid for one month. Or you can park in Bonus zones, which will award you with a free credit.

How much does the service cost?

We are charging only for the time you use the scooter, no extra fee for distance or for unlocking the scooter. Riding costs 5 CZK/min and 2 CZK/min when the ride is paused. During Happy hours basic price drops to 4 CZK per minute while during times of high demand it might increase to 6 CZK per minute. We also have special prepaid packages for our frequent users with prices per minute up to 36 % lower. For example, you can buy our best package worth 1500 CZK for only 1100 CZK. Those additional 400 CZK you get from us for free. Therefore you are effectively riding from 3,67 CZK/min. And during Happy hours it can be even 2,93 CZK per minute. Do you ride often? Have a look at our packages.

Do I have to pay any registration, reservation or unlocking fees?

There is no extra fee for registration, 10 minutes of reservation or unlocking. You pay only for the time during which the scooter is being used. Reservation is paid only after the first 10 minutes run out.

Just to let you know, during registration we will charge 1 CZK to verify your payment card, but we will send it back immediately.

Is there a way to ride more economically, i.e. packages?

Yes, we offer prepaid packages which help you to save up to 51 % on your rental fees. When you buy a package you get free credits which are then used for your trips (incl. "waiting" mode). After you use all your credits, you will start paying the basic 5 CZK/min pay-as-you-go tariff (or 4 CZK per minute during low demand, and 6 or 7 CZK per minute during high demand times). Choose your package HERE.

You can also look for scooters with a pink star on the map. They will give you back half of the credit, that you have used with them, for your next ride. And third option s to park in bonus zones, which will award you with extra credit.

How do I know the price of my last ride?

In the BeRider mobile app select "My trips" where you will find the full history of your rides.

How do I pay for the rental?

Rentals are automatically paid at the end of each ride using the payment card you provided during registration. If you purchased any prepaid package, the price of the ride will be deduced from your balance.

Where can I see my invoices?

We will send you the receipt to your email after each ride.

Insurance, accidents, fines, police checks

How do we protect the health and safety of our users?

At BeRider, health and safety of our users is our utmost priority. We are doing everything we can to avoid any health risks for our users. Our scooters are disinfected every time we replace batteries, which is on average once a day for each scooter. We disinfect helmets, handlebars, mobile phone holders and all other places that are users come into contact with. We are committed to ensuring that our service does not present any health risks to our users or our employees.

Is the scooter insured during the ride? What will I have to pay in case I break anything?

Yes, however, the insurance is valid only if you are the rider during your session. For details, please have a look at our Terms and Conditions.

What should I do in case I am involved in an accident?

You must contact the BeRider Customer Service at (+420) 720 627 505 as soon as possible so we can help you. In the trunk you will find a document sleeve with instructions of what should be done and the Accident statement. You must send us the Accident Statement to info@be-rider.com within a maximum period of 24 hours.

What should I do if I find a damage during the ride?

If you find any new damage on the scooter which is not reported in the app, please report the new damage directly throught the app. If the damage is too excessive to ride, please contact our customer service at (+420) 720 627 505.

What happens if I get caught by a speed camera?

You are obliged to follow traffic rules. All fines you'll acquire during your rental period or which will be caused by your wrong parking will be directly sent to you.

What should I do if the police stops me?

While riding the scooter you must have your driving license with you. You can find the scooter documents stored in a document sleeve in the trunk for a police inspection.


Where can I submit my feedback or suggestions about the service?

Send us your feedback through our contact form on our website. We are really happy to get any comments from you.

What can I do if I see a scooter lying on a street or parked incorrectly?

If you feel like you'd like to get your good deed of the day done, just move the scooter into an appropriate parking spot and we will be very grateful. Otherwise please contact the our customer support at (+420) 720 627 505 or fill out our feedback form on our website and we'll take care of it. Thanks!