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Default minute tariff
2,5 CZK
1,0 CZK/min when paused
Active by default

FREE reserving
& unlocking

After you reserve a scooter in the app, you have 15 minutes for FREE to get to it. You can always pause the ride and it will cost you one fifth of the price as riding.

FREE 15 minutes
for your first ride

Every new user gets FREE 15 minutes to comfortably try out riding our scooter.

One FREE minute every ride

First minute of every ride is free so you have time to check the scooter and put on a helmet.

Frequent questions about prices

How do I get free minutes?

Everyone has a unique code in the section "My profile". You can share this code with your friends. Friends have to insert it into the first step of the registration. When they finish the first ride you will receive 15 minutes free.

How much does the service cost?

We are charging only for the time you use the scooter, no extra fee for distance or for unlocking the scooter. Riding costs 5 CZK/min and 1,0 CZK/min when the ride is paused. We also have special packages for our frequent users with prices per minute up to 42 % lower. Do you ride often? Have a look at our packages.

Do I have to pay any registration, reservation or unlocking fees?

There is no extra fee for registration, reservation or unlocking. You pay only for the time during which the scooter is being used.

Just to let you know, during registration we will charge 10 CZK to verify your payment card, but we will send it back immediately.

Is there a way to ride more economically, i.e. packages?

Yes, we offer prepaid packages which help you to save up to 42 % on your rental fees. When you buy a package you get free minutes which are then used for your trips (incl. "waiting" mode). After you use all your free minutes, you will start paying the basic 5 CZK/min. tariff. Choose your package HERE.

How do I know the price of my last ride?

In the BeRider app select "My trips" where you will find the full history of your rides. You can also log in to your account to see the list of your rides.

How do I pay for the rental?

Rentals are automatically paid at the end of each ride by throught the payment card you provided during registration. If you purchased a minutes package, the ride minutes will be deduced from your ballance.

Where can I get my monthly invoices?

We send out monthly invoices to the email you used to register to BeRider. Alternatively, you can find your monthly invoices and bills after logging into your account.